We estimate that dairy processing plants in New Zealand produce one million litres of DAF sludge every day, causing massive problems for the industry without an environmentally acceptable method of disposal. The global dairy industry faces the same challenges.

Our partners at 3E Nutrition have patented a unique manufacturing solution that refines DAF waste into products which are high in protein and fat. These products provide an extremely nutritious food source for other agricultural and animal sectors.

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It is estimated that 1 billion tyres reach the end of their life every year. In New Zealand this includes 3.9 million passenger tyres and 1.2 million truck tyres. Most of these tyres in New Zealand are sent to landfill or exported for incineration - neither being an acceptable solution. In addition to tyres, soiled nappies and plastics pose a similar problem.

Teaming up with industry partners, Eneform have developed a world leading pyrolysis process to deal with both tyres and nappies, recycling problem products back into usable oil and gas.

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It is clear that nitrogen and phosphate run-off are two major pollutants of our waterways and that the quality of soil is deteriorating in New Zealand, Australia and in fact globally. Working with scientists, agronomists and farmers over several years Ag.ree has developed and patented a non-soluble phosphate product named CarboPhos®. Drawing experience from trials in New Zealand and Europe, we are now working to bring additional nitrogen and potassium products to market that provide complex, sustainable, and environmentally sound solutions.

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