What do we do?

The Growing Group provide agricultural products and services that are more efficient, economical, and ecologically beneficial; we are always seeking to improve ourselves based on these three criteria, even if that means stepping back from conventional practices. Our development processes seek to be inclusive, drawing knowledge from experience, partners, customers, and fields of science.

About Us

After purchasing two farms in 1997 Chris Copplestone followed the recommendations of traditional fertiliser representatives, increasing the application rate of fertiliser on his farms. The heavy cost of these recommendations were compounded by a poor response from his pastures. It was apparent that the fertiliser was missing something that would take Chris years of research and collaboration to find.

Working with scientists, agronomists and farmers over several yearsThe Growing Group has developed and patented a phosphate product named CarboPhos®. Drawing experience from trials in New Zealand and Europe, they are now working to bring additional nitrogen and potassium products to market that meet their aim of providing complex, sustainable, and environmentally sound products. By working with existing manufacturers and fertiliser markets, The Growing Group is optimising the delivery of products to farmers.

A growing company

The Growing Group is based in Nelson, New Zealand, with branches in Australia and Hong Kong.

Trademarks and Patents

CarboPhos® and CarboUrea® are registered trademarks of The Growing Group Ltd in Australia and New Zealand. CarboPhos is a patented product of The Growing Group.

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